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Close to 80% of purchase-related research is conducted online. Moreover, over 50% of web users initiate their purchase process with informal research across multiple touch points. Make online marketing an essential part of your integrated communication mix.

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Web Presence Optimisation (WPO) Services

The latest industry statistics suggest that over 90% of B2B and high-consideration consumer purchase cycles begin online. More than 80% use search engines, about 60% look for peer endorsements on social networks, while over 40% read content from the 'early adopters'.

The fact of the hour is that your online presence is no longer limited to your website. With all major global search engines undergoing historic changes, your digital strategy is slowly becoming your overall marketing strategy! Hence, setting a right strategy means being highly omnipresent on the web, and then reaching out to your prospects in a structured and one-to-many fashion. The more 'findable' you are for the relevant search phrases uniquely describing your digital brand, the more outsized chance you stand of winning the business! Building a dynamic online visibility for your business requires a more unified and holistic approach to redefine your existing digital branding.

Building your ubiquitous digital brand equity!

Much has evolved in the online search space over the past few years. You need more than just organic SEO and PPC advertising to hold a strong foot in high digital competition. Given these developments, digital is arguably no longer a component of your marketing mix. It IS the marketing mix!

At e-IntelligenceTM, this enormous online industry transformation has led us to introduce the concept of Web Presence Optimisation (WPO). The idea of optimising your overall web presence comes from the belief that you need to dominate all the search entry gates to get discovered by anyone who is searching, surfing and socialising every minute everywhere! Our WPO framework signifies a structured fusion of all digital behavior relevant to your brand. We like to call it ‘Search Plus Optimisation’! Simply because, it provides a cohesive hierarchy for getting different search and non-search marketing concepts like SEO, PPC, social and local optimisation, content marketing and reputation management on the same page, making them a unified effort. With our integrative WPO strategy, we help you keep on top of all the venues where your potential customers may find you.

“Where do you start with Web Presence Optimisation?”

As in most things: with the basics. Our unique WPO process is developed based on thorough market research and competitive analysis. Once a tactical WPO plan is roughed out, e-IntelligenceTM optimises your web presence through four core platforms:

  • Search Platform

This involves continuously creating, publishing, distributing and optimising your content through a combination of avenues and building your organic presence across the Internet. Also by buying paid spaces like search engine ads, display ads and social ads, we ensure an immediate and top presence for your brand.

  • Social Platform

With our comprehensive WPO strategy, Search and Social go hand-in-hand! We understand the profound influence social interactions have on your brand’s search results and how major search engines measure the social signals such as likes, shares, tweets, pluses and videos. Deploying intensive social media engagement strategy, we help you own more shelf space in search results.

  • Mobile Platform

More than half of the local searches are performed on mobile devices. This shows the significance of building a mobile presence in order to broaden your brand’s overall web presence. We, at e-IntelligenceTM, offer substantial mobile optimisation solutions, designed to enhance the overall searchability of your business.

  • Brand Platform

Creation and management of highly relevant and persistently updated content that helps you earn the respect of your target audience is the integral part of our WPO strategy. We ensure that your content is well-coordinated across various channels and can easily be repurposed and cross-linked. By spreading your business updates through blog and online press presence, we help establish brand awareness. On the other hand, we also continuously monitor your business mentions across various platforms to keep your reputation in a favorable light. This helps in boosting your web presence.

“Do you have to use all of the elements of web presence optimisation?”

“No!” One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to WPO. The definition of online success differs from business to business, and so does its WPO strategy. We devise the WPO tactics for each business after carefully scrutinizing its size, shape and digital scope.

The e-IntelligenceTM Web Presence Optimisation campaign will help your online brand grow the mindshare and rank as a trusted one among the end users: crawlers and humans alike!

Are you ready to create a powerful web presence for your brand and get more customers? Let’s talk.

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