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Only about 2 out of 10 ads on TV produce affirmative return on investment because, on an average, 90% of television viewers switch channels during advertisements. Radio ads are increasingly losing a regular attentive listener base. Newspapers are getting flat-out outpaced by the expeditiously evolving mobile technology. Plus, print ads suffer a very short lifespan and poor reproduction. Ambient and outdoor ads, on the other hand, fail to provide a lasting exposure as against the costs involved. Are you still relying on these traditional media outlets for marketing your business or products? Then it’s time you took the digital leap. No other platform gives your brand such a humongous and instantaneous reach to the 24/7 world. Other key benefits include: instant calls-to-action, real-time performance tracking, and pay only when your customer visits your website or looks through your offerings.

When we started e-IntelligenceTM as a one-man agency, we had a simple aim: To help change the way businesses and people interacted, by harnessing the power of the Internet. If you think of it, the web has simplified our lives by becoming our ubiquitous touch-point, so much so that we literally rely on it, for almost everything. And that’s precisely what we do. We create exquisite and personalised digital experiences for brands to deliver superior business results. We are your one-stop fully-integrated digital interactive marketing agency, committed to helping you bridge the gap between you and your web audience. So let’s together push the boundaries in digital, social and local and get your business noticed.

We are top-to-bottom digital. We are marketers and tacticians as much as techies and data-crunchers. We are left brained as much as right brained. We are locally rooted as much as globally connected. Most probably, you have already come across our work without even noticing it. It’s right there in front of you, or in your hand, or in your pocket. It’s creating some kind of radical transformation for one of our clients. It’s bringing some communication to life. We are right here, right now. And so are you. Let’s drive the future of digital.

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Your website is the single most imperative aspect of your digital marketing plan.

More than 90% of online purchase decisions are influenced by the website. It is the # 1 factor in deciding the competence and integrity of your business on the Internet. With over 70 new domains registered and more than 570 new websites created every minute, the web is getting bigger. Between the humongous upsurge in the number of web pages available online and an ever-expanding user-base, there’s never been a better time to build a website for your business. e-IntelligenceTM has been consecutively awarded as the “Best Website Designing and Development Agency”. Let’s get started with building your website. Browse through our various website services. We will help you choose and create a website that best fits your business, and more importantly, brings more profits.

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Get more business online with faster and smarter HTML websites.

8 out of your 10 visitors cite your website’s design, content and speed as the biggest influencers in their buying decision. And most of them would leave your website if it takes time in loading or doesn’t have an easy-to-use layout. As an award-winning web designing agency, we at e-IntelligenceTM can help you design and develop HTML websites that are both user as well as search engine friendly. Our champion developers in conjunction with the SEO experts will help build an HTML website customised to your business needs and industry trends. We can’t wait to get started with your website project. Find out why you should work with e-IntelligenceTM for your HTML website development.

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Earn more profits online with our fully-dynamic and easy-to-manage CMS websites.

Out of every 10 new websites, 6 are made with CMS. If you want to manage your website yourself but don’t have the luxury of time, then CMS is the perfect choice for you. As a globally recognised website design and development agency, we at e-IntelligenceTM help you build high-powered and extremely adaptable CMS websites that never fail to impress your visitors. Using our decade full of web designing experience, we are here to help you command your niche and win more business on the web. Our CMS website developers are all set to construct a cutting-edge CMS website for your business. Are you?

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Sell more products online with our highly-profitable E-commerce websites.

Over 97% of your customers are searching for your products online. Can you afford to miss this business by not selling your products on the Internet? Of course not! If you are looking to transfer your offline retail success to the digital platform, we have your covered. We can help you build an extremely appealing E-commerce website for your business that is easily accessible across all browsers and devices. We have helped a number of retailers globally in creating a wholesome online shopping experience for their customers and, in turn, earn more profits. And we can do the same for you.

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Catch your consumers ‘on-the-go’ with our future-proof responsive websites.

More than half of local business or product searches are performed on mobile devices. On the other hand, 85% of your customers are likely to make a purchase if your website offers them a good cross-device experience. So frustrate your visitors with a slow and ill-shaped website, and see them leave for ever. At e-IntelligenceTM, our award-winning responsive web design team is committed to providing your business with a device-agnostic website leveraging our unrivalled capabilities and comprehensive industry experience. Whether you’re a local shop or a multi-national corporation, we can help you create an integrated digital marketing ecosystem for your business. We are already looking at our next responsive website success!

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Drive unlimited quality traffic to your website and maximise ROI.

With over 6 billion online searches being conducted every day, no search visibility for your website plainly means no business. Your customers are actively and constantly searching for you every minute, everywhere and on every device. Can you afford not to be on the top position across all popular search engine results pages? At e-IntelligenceTM, all of our clients have experienced an average uplift of traffic of over 40% in the first year of working with us. Having consistently won the Top SEO and Enterprise SEO agency awards, we're all geared up to help you dominate your industry on the web.

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Knock out your local competition and get the most customers to your website.

Search is the #1 driver of traffic to your website. Over 60% of local searches for your business and products result into purchases. Take advantage of being the first one to target the local searchers in your region and dominate your niche. With a solid SEO industry experience of over 10 years, we at e-IntelligenceTM have been successfully providing Local SEO solution, even before the term was coined. So here’s your chance to strengthen your relationship with your local customers and spread a word-of-mouth about your business. Using our white-hat SEO techniques and the most advanced tools, we will transform the way you approach your local market.

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Keep your website always in your customers' hands. Embrace Mobile Search.

Roughly 94% of smartphone users search for local information on their phones. What's more encouraging for the local businesses is that about half of these mobile searches are purchase-intent oriented. So if you're looking to expand your customer base and increase revenue, then NOW is the time you started promoting your website through Mobile SEO. Our award-winning Mobile SEO strategists will help you reach your clients on-the-go and help you effectively convert them as well. We can help you target your mobile audience by strategically adjusting your marketing message based on their location, device and search time.

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Over 80% of websites that ever invested in SEO have been hit by Google Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird.

At e-IntelligenceTM, our experience into digital marketing goes back to the birth of search engines itself. We've grown with the industry and seen it evolve with the passage of time. Hence, we know the world of search marketing inside out. So, even before they roll out an algorithm update or change, we can sense it and start preparing for it in advance. We are proud to have maintained a 100% success ratio for each of our ranking recovery clients across various industries and regions. A 1 wrong move in your recovery plan can entirely break your years of SEO efforts. So leave it to the experts.

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Optimise your overall web presence with our topnotch Inbound Marketing solutions.

8 out of 10 C-level marketers confirm that inbound marketing plays a crucial role in achieving their overall web marketing goals. Combined, SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing can double up your conversion rate when compared to the outbound marketing efforts. As the leading global full-service web marketing specialists, we at e-IntelligenceTM help you broaden you digital reach and dominance with top-quality and highly-engaging content. Over 80% of our clients have adopted inbound marketing methodology into their full-time comprehensive marketing plan. It's time you revised your online budget making inbound marketing a permanent part of your business.

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Win more customers through meaningful social media conversations around your brand.

10 out of 10 business decision-makers confirm that social media marketing can help their businesses in building lasting client relationships and brand equity, over twice as much as email marketing, and quadruple that of organic search optimisation. And about 8 out of them have already integrated social media into their traditional marketing activities. At e-IntelligenceTM, we breathe and live social. Our best-in-class comprehensive and scalable social media marketing solutions help you ignite positive word of mouth around your business. Our social media experts are here to help you getting bang for your buck across multiple touch points. If you're ready to take your brand a step further in the social space, then explore our different social media marketing services in detail and select what best matches your needs.

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Build a solid audience base and own your niche on Facebook in real time.

8 out of 10 Facebook users log in at least once a day. And roughly 25% users login minimum five times every day. This is a HUGE opportunity for your business to find new customers and strengthen the relationship with the existing ones. That's where e-IntelligenceTM comes into picture. As the Facebook marketing specialists, we can help you seize moment for your brand on this biggest social media marketing platform. Our expert Facebook marketing team has helped a number of businesses stand out in a crowd. We are ready to help you gain publicity and sales on Facebook, are you?

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It's all about interacting with your consumers and converting them into active brand loyalists.

Over 30% of global marketers use Twitter for generating new business. This fast-paced, real-time social media platform allows you the opportunity to build one-to-one conversation with your target audience. As a leading-edge Twitter marketing agency, we at e-IntelligenceTM bring perceptivity, creativity and intelligence to your brand messages on the platform. Leveraging our 10 plus years combined social media marketing experience; we ensure that your business achieves greater heights of success on this fastest growing media phenomenon, 140 characters at a time. We want you to get the most out of your Twitter marketing investment. It's time you integrated Twitter into your regular marketing communications.

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Go visual and always stay top-of-mind.

About 40% of the Internet users respond better and instantaneously to images than plain text. Here’s a proof: over 20% of product views on Pinterest and Instagram result into actual in-store or online purchases. Need more convincing? Well, how about this: Together, they drive twice the referral website traffic of LinkedIn, Google Plus and YouTube together. Our Pinterest and Instagram marketing specialists help you identify the most influential users on both these platforms enabling you to maximise your reach. We are all set to make your brand shine on these biggest visual media marketing networks, and help drive highly-engaged conversions.

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Your brand [plus] the power of Google Plus [equals] a social media match made in heaven!

Boasting of over a thousand million monthly visits, Google Plus is favored by close to 70% online marketers. On the other hand, this social platform from the world's biggest search engine, accounts for nearly 26% of the mobile social media traffic. So dump all those myths to a pigeonhole and say "Yes!" to Google Plus. Our Google Plus marketing experts are excited to get started with your campaign and help you enhance your brand awareness, generate higher leads and improve the bottom line with a wide range of target audience. And needless to mention: It is a Google product, said enough! Get started today and claim your slice of the Google Plus pie.

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Boost up your website clicks and conversions with our award-winning PPC services.

Almost 7 out of 10 online marketers plan to increase their search marketing budget on Google year-over-year. And about 3 of them plan to simultaneously increase their ad spend on the Yahoo-Bing network. Industry research, carried out from time to time every year, suggests that an organic search campaign effectively supplemented with paid ads can drive up to 91% higher leads and increase the overall conversions by roughly 45%. As a certified Google Partner, we at e-IntelligenceTM can help you reach millions of people on the web across the globe through our optimally-devised and highly scalable search marketing ads. Get ready to dominate your industry with our globally recognised PPC services.

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Work with the leader in digital media planning and buying services and increase your web dominance.

Having a rock-solid 10 plus years of digital marketing industry experience, we are your full-service online media buying agency. As one of the largest independent digital media buying houses globally, we are committed to help you in reaching your target demographics across multiple locations and various media channels. We have successfully handled the online marketing and advertising campaigns for hundreds of small to large businesses across multiple verticals. Our extremely focused, forward-thinking and measurable media buying solutions will help your business strategically embrace the constantly evolving online media landscape. Our online media planning and buying specialists possess the expertise of handling all forms of web media and is capable of delivering advanced performance analytics to help improve your overall website traffic.

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Advertising on Google is no longer a spray and pray game. Embrace the power of Google Advertising with e-IntelligenceTM.

On an average, a well-thought-out and effectively implemented Google display ad campaign can help you reach about 80% of the global Internet users. With millions of advertisers and billions of products on AdWords, you simply cannot ignore the potential influence of Google ads on your business' bottom line. Even the search giant depends almost entirely on its ad platform with approximately 97% of the revenue coming from it. And the best part is that this biggest online advertising network is only getting bigger day-by-day with the constant evolution of mobile technology and its burgeoning impact on businesses. We have helped many clients, small and large alike, in successfully running their ad campaigns on Google's search and content ad networks, by seamlessly integrating it into their traditional advertising plans.

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Build meaningful and lasting 1:1 relationships with your customers with Facebook Ads.

As per a recent internal study conducted by Facebook in an analysis of over 60 ad campaigns, more than 70% advertisers experienced 5 times or greater ROI with an amazing 192% higher rate of conversions. Their brand awareness was improved by over 30%. With over 53% of its revenue coming from mobile ads, the largest social media network is rapidly evolving into the modern-age omnipresent digital advertising platform for businesses across the globe. As Facebook continues to simplify and improve its ad products and the platform itself, more and more advertisers are experiencing a greater volume of ad impressions and clicks, and hence an enhanced per-click-revenue. As one of the most experienced Facebook advertisers worldwide, we at e-IntelligenceTM can help you with creating as well as managing your ads and carefully tracking every touch point in your consumer's journey across devices and channels.

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Follow your customers. Bring them back on to your website. Boost up your conversion by over 400%.

After spending literally fortunes on your online advertising campaigns, are you still facing a huge conversion gap? Do you feel helpless in trying to bring those lost potentials back to your website? Remarketing can help! If the industry stats are to be believed, a remarketing campaign can help you bring down your conversion cost by nearly 50% and, on the flip side, fetch 400 times higher ad response rate. As one of the most experienced digital marketing agencies across the globe, we at e-IntelligenceTM have pretty much grown side-by-side the industry. Hence, we are more confident as well as successful than any of our counterparts in helping you retain your lost leads and convert them into loyal paying customers. Leveraging on our decade full of digital advertising experience, we'll seamlessly make remarketing an adjunct to your regular marketing plan.

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Tell them a compelling story about your brand, everywhere. That's what they're expecting from you.

The very reason that brought the search engines into existence is that people are searching for content. So it goes without saying that if you provide your web audience with quality content across all the touch points, they will love your brand. Even Google will love you. Now how about that for a web presence? At e-IntelligenceTM, with our over a decade's experience into content creation, distribution and marketing, we can help you effectively drive more users to your website, engage them and convert them into paying customers. Our digital experts will draft out a winning content mix for your business by strategically combining created, curated and syndicated content. We'll not just give you a captivating story of your brand; we'll also teach you how to tell it well.

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Helping you create unique, remarkable and sticky content that educates, persuades and convinces your customers.

Over three-fourths of online marketers understand the value of providing custom content to their audience. But, as the same time, 90% of them find it very challenging to create the content themselves. The lack of time or quality in-house content resources makes content writing their biggest need. At e-IntelligenceTM, our content writing experts have a combined experience of over a decade in writing compelling and SEO-friendly content for individuals and businesses alike. We can help you create quality content targeted at the pain points of your consumers and thus converting them into your active brand loyalists. Creating winning content for your business online is our commitment, not just a campaign.

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Dramatically increase your follower base by effectively distributing your content across the web with e-IntelligenceTM.

A nicely written and strategically promoted content is one of the top reasons why your prospects choose to associate with your business and follow you across multiple channels. As the leader in digital content creation and marketing, we at e-IntelligenceTM can help you improve your ROI by effectively distributing your custom content in a way that your audience can instantly relate to. Our highly experienced content marketing experts are dedicated to delivering extremely-personalised and effectively-targeted brand experience to your customers on the web through our dynamic cross-platform content promotion tactics. So get ready to win their mind share by giving them the right content at the right time. So stop spinning the wheels in the mud and deliver quality content to your users relentlessly.

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A holistic digital content marketing plan that attracts highly-qualified traffic and increases trust.

At e-IntelligenceTM, as the global digital content marketing specialists, we help you create, optimise and market content that brings in new business, establishes you as a thought-leader in your niche and converts your current clients into loyal brand advocates. Through our comprehensive content marketing services such as, blogging, newsletter distribution, social media marketing and micro-site promotions, we are here to help you in getting your business found all across the web and strike up a conversation. We help you find the unique voice of your brand in the ever-increasing digital hullabaloo. So stop treating your content as if it’s a dad-gum rainbow and focus on adding value to your audience’s life. Whether you want to re-shape your existing web content or start from the scratch, we can help you.

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Manage what you say and what others say about you and your business on the web with e-IntelligenceTM.

Roughly over 60 percent of the online customers base their judgment of a brand or its products by its presence across the web. They are not just looking for good products and deals; they are looking for a long-term association. Hence, if done right, a PR story can prove to be thousand times better than your expensive paid page one Google ad. Plus, the digital public relations space is getting fiercely competitive day in and out. Now you have to literally snatch your audience's attention that your competitors have today. So, don't just assume that you're communicating with them in the right way. Speak to them in a language that they understand. Online PR is no longer just a business concept - it's become a basic necessity.

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Ignore Online Reputation Management for your brand and see your bottom line plummet.

The Internet is a free space. Anyone can practically say anything about anyone or any business. You have absolutely no control over what might be coming your way that will adversely affect your brand image on the Web. There is no way you can ignore reputation management for your brand. So, it's time you became proactive about what's been said around your brand on the web. Think of it as insurance. Of course, it can't stop others from making negative reviews about your business. What it can do rather is to mitigate the damage and keep it from getting out of control. So if you've been slammed by any over-the-top criticism about your business or offerings, we at e-IntelligenceTM have you covered. We have been awarded consistently for our outstanding success in helping many of our clients in skillfully managing their online reputation, and we can do the same for you.

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Work with the multiple-award-winning SERM services agency and maximise your web marketing ROI.

Almost over 75% of searchers don't go beyond the first page of Google. Plus, close to 80% of them are most likely to get associated with your business, if they find positive reviews about you there. So, it's extremely critical that Google's first page doesn't show any bad reviews about your business. If we are to believe a recent industry litmus test, a single negative comment in the search results can potentially bring down your conversions by about 5%. That's a huge number, right? Manage your search engine reputation proactively and, believe us, it will most certainly pay off in the long run.

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Build an impeccable online reputation for your business with our avant-garde services.

When creating your brand's online reputation, treat it as a long-term investment, in terms of money, resources, time and efforts. Especially if you're a local business owner, you have no option but to be proactive about building a positive image of your business in order to attract more foot-falls in your store. But, we know it from our decade-long experience that you don't have the time to do it yourself. And that's where e-IntelligenceTM comes into picture. Leveraging our unrivalled expertise and state-of-the-art resources, we can help you augment your identity across various digital touch points, from search engine results to social media profiles to review forums and even beyond. We are committed to driving more traffic to your website by providing your prospective clients with consistent and transparent picture of your business, wherever and whenever they are searching for you or what you have to offer.

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Always be on top of your game and effectively monitor your online reputation with e-IntelligenceTM.

Just one negative comment made at the right time and in the right place can completely tarnish your online reputation and years of work in building it. 9 out of 10 customers believe in the online opinions posted by others about your business and offerings. On the Internet, what is being said about your product is trusted 12 times more than how flashy your advertisement is. We, at e-IntelligenceTM, help you gain back the control of your own brand message before others do. Our online reputation management experts constantly monitor all the interactions around your brand across all the platforms. Using our state-of-the-art reputation monitoring tools we track all the possible actions and mentions related to your business and instantaneously take the effective measures to always keep you in the positive lights. We're ready to get started with your reputation monitoring project, are you?

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Become A Partner

Maximise your Digital Marketing ROI by partnering with the BEST in the business.

We started e-IntelligenceTM with a goal of bringing the digital marketing solutions within the reach of businesses in every corner of the world. And to do that, we are on the constant look out for the agencies, traditional as well as digital, worldwide. By creating our unique partner network, we reach out to the local businesses and offer them our award-winning digital marketing solutions, which they would not be able to access locally otherwise. On the other hand, our partners are able to expand their service portfolio, reach their marketing goals and get an instant access to industry-leading resources without having to invest heavily. Grow your brand with our industry leading digital marketing solutions.

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Expand your agency without having to invest in additional resources. Let's join hands!

At e-IntelligenceTM, our completely-flexible white label SEO program allows you to easily run cross-promotions and grow your existing business capabilities. When selecting a white label SEO partner for your business, you need to thoroughly check the background as well as the potential of the provider, confirming whether or not their business goals aptly match your long-term growth requirements. Having a solid industry experience of over a decade in successfully managing over 6000 client campaigns globally, we will help you venture into the SEO arena and reap profits from day zero, all without a hitch. So whether you are looking for a partial or full white label SEO partnership arrangement, we offer you residual multi-tier revenue streams. Are you an existing SEO agency having a hard time in managing your constantly growing projects? We have your back. Tell us your requirement and we will custom design a white-label program for you.

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Think white-label web design and development services. Think e-IntelligenceTM.

You love to design websites. And that's what you're skilled in. But you're often irritated at your inability to create websites with greater functionalities or to offer other web marketing services due to your lack of technical knowledge. Does this sound like you? Then you've come to the right place. So if you're a freelancer web designer or developer, here's your chance to become a 'legitimate' agency leveraging our years of experience and unparalleled service portfolio. Once you enter the white-label web design partnership with e-IntelligenceTM, you immediately achieve a greater level of credibility with your clients. Partnering with us will automatically improve your odds of success. Our easy to setup white label partnership is completely customized to meet your unique goals. It allows you to effortlessly verify the ROI and monitor your growth in real-time.

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Drastically improve your local web marketing ROI with our comprehensive franchise opportunities.

We are witnessing a monumental transformation in the digital interactive marketing space, as more and more businesses have started realizing the influence of local marketing on their profitability. Digital Marketing, being a part of the fastest growing franchise business sector, offers humongous growth prospects for those small-scale businesses that want to go national or even global. At e-IntelligenceTM, we are proud to bring to you our extensive digital marketing franchise model that will literally put your local store on the world map. Leveraging our 10 plus years' industry experience and unmatched capabilities across diverse verticals, we are here to help you dominate your local market by overpowering all your competition, small and large. We will help you create your website that's already generating traffic. We will optimize your website in the local search and bring in the leads right from day one. You will get an instant access to all our award-winning digital marketing collateral, all at one place. What more could you ask for?

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Double your profits by signing up for our flexible and completely-transparent SEO Reseller program!

With increased competition and frequent algorithm updates by the search God, SEO now needs much greater expertise. But, on the flip side, most of the small-time SEO agencies are not being able to cope with the burgeoning word-load. That's exactly where our SEO reseller program comes into picture. Even if you're a traditional agency, you can still earn tremendous profits from the constantly growing SEO industry, just by referring us the new clients in your region. Yes, our SEO reseller model is as simple as it sounds! The best part is that you don't even need the technical knowledge required to run an SEO agency. That's because we'll do the entire client co-ordination and campaign management, while you sit back and enjoy the profits.

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Mobile Apps

Step into the fast-growing world of apps with e-IntelligenceTM.

If the recent industry stats are to be believed, worldwide - the overall usage of web apps across devices grows by over 115% year-on-year. Now that's a huge number! The marketing space is getting more and more interactive day-by-day. So, as a marketer, it pauses a challenge for you to understand this rapidly evolving consumer behaviour and how best to reach them, at the right time and in the right place - for the maximum impact. At e-IntelligenceTM, with our 10 plus years digital marketing experience, we can help you re-shape your current marketing message as per the geo-location and device-related preferences of your prospective audience. We are committed to helping you find a higher number of loyal customers by providing them exceptional and unique brand experience across diverse platforms, through our innovative and user-friendly applications. Have an idea in mind? Let's turn it into your next big business success story.

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Reach more customers with our elite iPhone apps. Let's talk apps!

The demand for iPhone apps is growing multi-folds year-over-over. This is the RIGHT time to build a unique iPhone app for your business. What makes us so sure? Our 10 plus years of web marketing experience, of course. So stop thinking and act now to reap the benefits of the roaring iPhone apps market and gain an edge over your counterfeits. At e-IntelligenceTM, our expert iPhone apps designers and developers have helped a number of clients in creating exceptional apps for their businesses. And our savvy apps marketing team ensures that your newly-built app finds the top spot in the store as soon as it's been launched. You have a mobile marketing idea? We have an iPhone app ready for you! So what are you waiting for?

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Android is the most popular mobile apps player in the world. Is your business poised to take the advantage?

With the massive growth in the sheer size of the Android users globally, web marketers are paying more attention to it. As the platform is firmly moving forward in the market to cement its position as the leader, building an Android version of your business app definitely sounds like a good plan. Or if you want to capture the attention of the Android app users, then you should definitely consider advertising on their network. At e-IntelligenceTM, our Android app developers are all set to transform your mobile marketing idea into a profitable app. Using our unrivalled experience in the mobile applications domain, we will not only help you get more prospects, we will strengthen your rapport with your mobile web audience as well.

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Embrace the power of HTML5 with e-IntelligenceTM and future proof your apps.

Statistics suggest that about 7 out of 10 users find HTML5 mobile web apps convenient, whereas it's the # 1 choice among the cross-platform apps development community. At e-IntelligenceTM, we offer you our premier quality and highly-adaptable professional HTML5 apps development solutions for today's multi-device age. Our extremely talented mobile web applications architects will help you bring your ideas to life by building feature-rich HTML5 apps that work equally efficiently on various platforms and operating systems. We are committed to proving your consumers with simple drag-and-drop experience to their taste. Kick start your HTML5 app today!

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Strategic online video services that drive traffic, improve conversions and boost sales.

8 out of 10 visitors to your website prefer watching a company or product video rather than reading long text. Moreover, if they watch a video on your website, then they are 64% more likely to place an order or submit an inquiry. You simply cannot ignore the power of online videos in your business. It's no longer a future. It's already here, just not evenly adopted owing to varying priorities as well as resources. At e-IntelligenceTM, we offer a great range of online video creation, optimisation and marketing solutions and services for businesses of every size and shape worldwide. Using our solid industry experience and unmatched online video capabilities, we help you increase your market penetration by revamping your traditional marketing initiatives through our custom videos.

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We make videos that work for you and deliver results.

If a recent industry research is to be believed, over 90% of users confirm that watching a product or service related video helps them moving forward in their purchase decision. Whereas, another study shows that a minute long video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. If reading these stats did not convince you to embrace this most rapidly growing form of online marketing and advertising, then you need to reconsider your overall business approach. If the current evolution of the online visual media is any indication, the future of Internet is video. At e-IntelligenceTM, we specialise in creating various types and styles of web marketing videos for your business, such as, company introduction videos, animated product tours, promotional videos, presentation videos, and many more. Our video creation experts will work with you at every stage of production, offering valuable insights on how best to engage more audience and drive higher sales. We will ensure that videos become an integral asset to your overall business marketing goals.

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Take the pain out of distributing your videos online and reach your consumers in their 'action zone'.

As the saying goes, "showing is much more effective than reading!" Your web audience is 40 times more likely to engage with you once they have viewed your business or product video. A strategically planned and executed video distribution can be as effective as a personal referral for your business. At e-IntelligenceTM, through our winsome video distribution services, we help you stay on top of spikes in video viewership across diverse video promotion platforms and thus ensuring optimum visibility for your business. We will also provide the real-time campaign performance tracking data that will enable you to adjust your approach swiftly. Our video marketing experts are committed to helping your online brand get top-of-mind recall, stimulate maximum conversions and earn loyal customers.

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Make your video stand out in the crowd with our award-winning video SEO services.

Recent reports suggest that over 60% of searches conducted on Google worldwide include video content. Moreover, a video thumbnail in your search result on Google is likely to attract double the traffic than plain text results. If you have a video content embedded on your website landing page, then your visitors will stay about 2 minutes longer, on an average. Finally, the online marketers have started realising the importance of video SEO in improving the overall visibility and dominance of their site, with over 93% of them integrating it into their overall online marketing plan. At e-IntelligenceTM, using our multi-award-winning SEO services, we will help you attain page 1 ranking on Google by strategically optimising your video content. With over half of the users searching for and viewing business related videos on YouTube, we will begin the SEO process by promoting your content on this second largest search engine. It’s really a no-brainer then that you incorporated video into your digital presence.

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